Re: ATSF boxcar roof question


I looked at the photo you reference, and I agree the end of the car, while only partly visible, kind of looks like the top rib is rectangular.  The Santa Fe Boxcar book by Dobyne doesn't show an end view in the two shots it has, but 'Santa Fe Freight in Color - the series', which is actually volume 1 of 1, has several.  There, the ends of the cars pictured are fairly clearly shown as being the 4-4 rolling pin style, both as regular boxcars and as converted for perlite service with small roof hatches.

The photo you cite is clearly taken after 1959, by virtue of the paint scheme, when the cars were 11+ years old.  Perhaps that car did have a replacement end as a result of wreck repair.  I'd feel more confident in this if I could see more of that one car, but I'd be really surprised if more than one photo of this were to surface.

Ron Merrick

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