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Andy Carlson

  Dave Parker wrote:

A few more thoughts:

Last, Andy I don't think one should have to count the boards on these SS cars.  The MCB/ARA recommended practice called for 5.25" square-edge T&G on all "outside framed" cars.  So a 9-0 IL car should have about 20 boards, and a 10-0 car about 23.  I zipped through about a dozen example photos for various roads, and I couldn't find any exceptions.

I have done dozens of scale drawings for mid-century freight cars years ago, and all of them had no readily available drawings to assist me. Counting boards was essential for an accurate drawing. Not all cars, I discovered, had the same board dimensions. Some GN cars had different cars from the same class series with thin board samples and broad board samples. I found cars which had different board sizes on the same car. So to me, counting boards gave me 100% accuracy for at least the one car pictured! I guess what I am trying to say is please understand that not all cars were built with same size sheathings.

All of this talk is making me want to resume pattern making, a very fun part of this hobby.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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