For Sale HO

Brian Carlson

I have a few Items for sale. There are only 4 items so they are in the body of this email. RESPOND OFF LIST AT THE EMAIL BELOW IF INTERESTED (Sorry, for the caps, I don’t want to end up in moderate jail, the food isn’t too good, and it’s heading toward summer in florida.)


Sunshine 18.5 Great Northern 1937 AAR 1940-50’s side facing goat $40

Sunshine 52.3 Northern Pacific 10000-13999 Boxcars 50-60’s Main street decals. $40

Broadway Limited 6K chlorine tank car (broken up a 4 pack)

Hooker HOKX 642 Tacoma Wa $33

Hooker HOKX 640 Tacoma Wa $33


I kept the Niagara Falls cars. This is the new release from the end of March


Shipping - USPS Priority Mail added to the above.


Prrk41361 AT yahoo DOT com

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY


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