Re: Throwback Thursday: Athearn Rolling Stock Ad, Model Railroader, February 1959

Richard Bale <Rhbale@...>

Irv Athearn lead a rather frugal lifestyle, just he and his wife in a double-wide trailer a few miles from the office. What made me remember that was seeing the Cadillac's in the Blue Box auto carrier in the ad Ben posted. They were inspired by the big Cadillac driven by the Mrs., one of the few extravagances in the Athearn family.
Richard Bale 

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This is why I laugh when I see panic over the retirement of Athearn Blue Box kits...some of them were in continuous production for over 50 years by the time kits were discontinued in 2009.  If you can't find these on the secondary market, you're just not trying.

Ben Hom

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