Re: Throwback Thursday: Athearn Rolling Stock Ad, Model Railroader, February 1959

Benjamin Hom

Steve Hile wrote:
"I have what I have always presumed to be an Athearn metal UP flat car where the stake pockets pop up through openings in the car side.  However, it is a 53'6" length car that someone in the past has nicely assembled.  Is that what you are thinking of, Ben, or did they do both?"

They did both.  The Athearn models have a stamped flat car body with rectangular openings that allow the stake pockets on the strip to protrude from the car body.  This allowed squared off stake pockets using this type construction. 

Tony Thompson wrote:
"I have a model like that, lettered B&O, and have understood it was a Varney model."

The Varney model was also stamped metal, but the stake pockets are in the same stamping as the carbody, and have a circular cross section.

Ben Hom

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