Re: Throwback Thursday: Athearn Rolling Stock Ad, Model Railroader, February 1959

Tony Thompson

       Another Athearn "raw material" model of significance is the 50-foot gondola (really about 48 feet). Though it has no prototype and is evidently a shortened 52'6" car, it can be, and has been, used to model lots of prototypes, often by splicing in one more panel from a sacrifice car. It was also the basis for a Shake 'n' Take model at Cocoa Beach a few years ago, cutting it down to a 40-foot DT&I car (originally devised by Richard Henrickson). 
       I summarized my own construction of that project in a blog post, which if you're interested is at this link:

       The Athearn gondola's rivets are somewhat oversize and the ends useless, and the end panels on the side are an unusual arrangement . . . but the model has had its uses over the years.

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