Photo: Texas & Pacific Freight Yard

Bob Chaparro

Here is a link to an undated photo of a Texas & Pacific freight yard from the Portal To Texas History website:

There is quite a variety of freight cars in the photo and I'm sure many of you can establish a date range for this photo.

One clue I see is a Santa Fe refrigerator car on the left. If you zoom in on the photo you'll notice this car has Garland ventilators on its roof. This car may be either a Class Rr-O or a Rr-P reefer. Some of the Rr-O class cars received Garland ventilators in late 1908 as a retrofit. The Rr-P reefer came into service beginning in 1910 and some of these also were equipped with Garland ventilators.

Enjoy the photo.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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