Re: Old square bottle Floquil paints.

Denny Anspach <danspachmd@...>

Well, Ralph Brown has it….Glaze (I found someone, i.e. me..?... had written with a Sharpie on the glass itself a barely discernible ‘GLAZE”.  I never really used it extensively, but as I recall, Floquil described it as “Floquil paint base minus pigments”  If I also recall correctly, when added, it did impart a slight satin or egg shell character to the finish, and it was supposed to rejuvenate diminished Floquil paints in ways that just solvents alone were not able to do..

Other old “clear” square bottle Floquil products were Crystal Cote (like gin) -an alternate to Gloss Coat-;  Barrier (like ginger ale), which application was required on styrene before Floquil could be applied, and Retarder- now reportedly clear…)  a very useful additive in humid/un air-conditioned climates. 

I am taking note of Nelson Moyer’s  and Jack Burgess’s experience with Floquil thinner (I have yet to determine whether it is still available under some new name).  Jeff Coleman’ s experience with Xylene alone is attractive for its simplicity.  These thinners ware useful for all Floquils, i.e. old and new….right?


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