Re: Old square bottle Floquil paints. - Original Diosol Floquil Thinner formula



Here's the Diosol formula posted on another site by a chemist who did the analysis

"...38% by vol toluene , 41% by vol xylene  and  21% by  vol  Solvesso  100  ( a long evaporation rate aromatic hydrocarbon solvent ).   Getting  the  toluene  and  xylene  is not difficult , but  the  Solvesso 100 is only available  through  chemical suppliers"

 Solvesso 100 solvent is a grade of Naptha.

I found by mixing my own Diosol buy the finest grade solvents you can. A good Sherwin-Williams store has everything. I would avoid the chain stores.

This formula will rejuvenate old bottles of Floquil paint, some better than others. Filter the results if you have doubts. And it should rejuvenate your bottle of Glaze unless it has turned to jelly.

Exercise caution and mix components in a well ventilated space.

Randy Danniel

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