Re: Old square bottle Floquil paints.

Lester Breuer

Denny in message 146746  on this list Randy Danniel states, “I copied the Diosol formula posted in one of the yahoo groups several years ago by a chemist who lab analyzed and posted the formula. This is as posted verbatim.
"38% by vol toluene, 41% by vol xylene and 21% by vol Solvesso 100 (a long evaporation rate aromatic hydrocarbon solvent). Getting the toluene and xylene is not difficult, but the Solvesso 100 is only available through chemical suppliers."

I use a mix of 50% xylene and 50% toluene since DIosol went off the market as I read somewhere that was the Diosol mix. I have both available in the paint department of local hardware store or home improvement store. I as others also have Scalecoat thinner purchased at the local hobby shop on hand which Nelson said is also a mix of these products.

Both my mix or the Scalecoat thinner have worked very well with the Floquil solvent paints I have remaining on hand including one or two square bottles.

Lester Breuer

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