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True, but more or less out of our period. WP bought two 40' MILW boxcars of 1948 vintage for to carry Ammana appliances, I suspect as part of a pool arrangement. They were numbered 3416-3417, and rebuilt with 9' doors, nailable steel floors and Spartan Easy Loaders. The doors carried a steel plate with SEI initials, like most specially-equipped WP boxcars.  One survives at the Portola Railroad Museum as MW 0209. A photo can be seen at .

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On 4/17/19 2:13 PM, Clark Propst wrote:
A friend was telling me about a thread he’d been looking at on some website? about possible two Milwaukee ribsides that went to the WP. He said the thread never answered the questions of why the cars were on the WP and what their purpose was. Anyone on this list know anything about these cars? Sorry to bother if this transaction took place after 1960.
CW Propst

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