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Charlie Vlk


Thank you to National Scale Car for adding the Scale to the website.

There are a good number of N Scalers who are interested in correct STMFCs and do buy resin and rapid prototyped cars when offered in 1/160.   Admittedly, not as big a market as HO but still there….at least in pure numbers the volume of unbuilt kits on our shelves are less……

Charlie Vlk


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Hi Don, Charlie, and List Members,


Don, I think Charlie DID reading all that was presented.


The web page you saw (and what we still see as of today) is NOT the same as the web page Charlie saw just a little while ago - the page has been changed. Someone (site owner maybe?) updated the page in the meantime to now indicate this is an HO scale endeavor. I myself had looked at the web site when Bill Welch first posted a link to it, and I also specifically noted in my mind that there was NO INDICATION of what scale was being discussed at that point in time.


I assume someone got back to the site owner, mentioned this, and they made a correction/update.


Claus Schlund






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    Begging your pardon Charlie but you have made the same mistake that many of us often make of not reading all that is presented. The National Scale Car announcement makes it clear that their first intent is to produce HO Scale mini-kits to

enable modelers to use commonly available kits for conversion into more accurate National Steel Car prototypes built for the CNR and CPR with NSC III ends between 1954 and 1956. How much more clkear can they be?


My best, Don Valentine

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