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Paul Woods <paul@...>


I support Claus and Charlie; I too looked at the website soon after it was announced, and I believe the first release of the website did not mention what scale the kits were.  Since the site owner appears to have access in some way to what is said on this group, I will also make the comment that even now, the updated version does not make it particularly obvious what scale the kits are either - you have to read for quite a bit before encountering any mention of the scale.  It is far more user-friendly to be able to see at a glance the most relevant points concerning scale, era etc. in the title, not buried in the body of the description. 

In the same vein, it perhaps also needs to be clearer that the user must supply an Intermountain boxcar, by using bold text, underlining, colour highlight or suchlike.  After years of communicating information to people 'on the shop floor' who were building the ships that I was designing, I can speak from hard experience that it is just making life hard for yourself to assume everyone will pick out the important bits from what is written in front of them.

FWIW, I don't model in HO, and I have made life a bit harder for myself by restricting my era to pre-WW2, but I nevertheless find it very helpful in extending my knowledge when manufacturers, who have hopefully done their research quite carefully, include details of the era that a particular model/product are applicable to.

Paul Woods

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