Free shipping-10 new GN 40' steel box car kits by Intermountain HO

Andy Carlson

Hello folks-
For an average of less than $9 each, with shipping.

I have 10 new Great Northern HO box car kits, all 40'cars, and all GN. Mint, new Intermountain kits, they are as follows-

1) IM #41001-26 GN 12 panel as-delivered mineral red scheme w/lg sideways goat medallion
2) IM #41001-28
3) IM #41001-29
4) IMĀ  #41001-27
5) IM # GN-12 special run 37 AAR boxcar mineral red w/lg sideways goat
6) IM #48453-10 40' PS-1 mineral red lg sideways goat
7) IM #48453-06
8) IM #48453-07
9) IM #48453-08
10) IM #48453-11

These cars are all mineral red, and are in schemes for these box cars when they were delivered new. These would be useful for late 1940's era, up until the merger if heavy weathering were applied. all 10 cars have different numbers. 5 12 panels, 4 PS-1's and 1 '37 AAR (though GN got some '37 AAR 40'box cars as leases, these were after 1960, so for our era, bogus).

Offered for $88, and shipping is included to the US. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee PayPal is accepted, as well.

If interested, contact me off-list at <midcentury at sbcglobal dot net>
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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