HO combo kit-WP/MP/ToP 50' auto boxcar resin/plastic

Andy Carlson


Today I was clearing out some areas of my upstairs and came across a box with resin casting culls, parts I cast about 23 years ago and deemed not saleable due to some air bubble pockets.

The WP 50' double door auto box resin car parts inspired me to make a shameless plug for getting some lunch money. Many know that MDC/Roundhouse brought out a styrene kit for the same prototype and with molded on ladders, grabs and brake gear some work is required to do a Richard Hendrickson to it.

Well, my offer--- Purchase the pair of resin sides and ends from my kit and replace the plastic parts with the resin cast parts. The Donor MDC kit (which I am including with this purchase) will supply the underframe, roof, plus the doors.

My ends are a bit wider than the roundhouse ends, so some adjusting will be required, something that most of us do many times.

Besides eliminating the tedium of fileing off grabs and brake housings, the modeler will get closer to scale boards on the single sheathed sides.

I am offering the following.....

1 new MDC MoP 50' DD auto box car donor kit with Youngstown doors and non-auto end/door ends.
1 Intermountain Apex power brake gear
1 pair of resin sides
1 A resin end with lumber loading door
1 B resin end

Offered for $65, free shipping to the US. The buyer will get the actual parts pictured.

I only have enough parts for this one set of parts. My feelings will not be hurt if anyone wishes to post that this is a ripe-off price. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee I also accept PayPal. Contact me off-list at <midcentury@...> if any questions arrive. I may be away from my computer until Monday afternoon.

Andy Carlson    Ojai CA

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