Re: [GNgoat] WFEX express reefer in pullman green?

Doug Paasch

I am cross-posting this to the STMFC group as Bill Welch is the expert on WFE cars.


Bill, what would you say the body and lettering colors are on this WFE reefer?  Looks like the one to its right is WFE yellow.  But 103 is darker. 


    Doug Paasch


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Your first sentence is wrong. Cars 100-199 were bought by WFE in 1930/31. This is the first photo I have seen of this series. I researched entire GN/WFE reefer fleet for our book 'The Rusty Dusty' which is available at GNRHS Company Store.


The rest of your post is correct.


Mac McCulloch


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It looks like a pre-Western Fruit Express.  WFE was founded soon after the establishment if the Fruit Grower's Express.  WFE and FGE shared cars.  The FGE originally was an East Coast outfit.  A lot of their traffic was in the Spring, taking Florida produce North.  The WFE brought fruit East in the Fall.  Both companies profited from car sharing.


Tom Todd

Great Northern Fan


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The Steam Era Freight Car group: 


It appears to be in Pullman green with yellow lettering.


Gary Laakso

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