Re: need help in regard of correct trucks

Benjamin Hom

Johannes Markwart asked:
"I have three PRR cars in need of new trucks: a X29 with plate ends and doors, a X29 with corrugated ends and doors, and a H25 quad hopper. I suspect for the X29s the 2D-F8 would be correct."
"The best looking 2DF8 seems to be the RED CABOOSE truck as is the case with the Bettendorf T-section truck - but are these available somewhere separately?"

I like the Red Caboose 2D-F8 truck for an early version of that truck, but I'm not a fan of its construction and odd bolster height.  I prefer the Bowser 2D-F8 truck (Stock No. #74286 without wheelsets, #74277 with wheelsets) which represents later versions of the truck and is nicely detailed.  Install Code 88 wheelsets and you're good to go.

"But what for the hopper? BOWSERs "Crown 70 ton Andrews"? And is this a good representation?"

Yes. Stock No. #74090 without wheelsets, #74091 with wheelsets.  

"One of them would be the KADEE HGC trucks which are nice, but some weeks ago I have read a note from another member of this group (I think) that by his experiences KADEE wheels are even worse dirt collectors than plastic ones - he does not recommend to use them. But which other wheel sets fit those trucks nicely? Code 88 of course. Or do you have good experiences using KADEE wheels?"

I'm not a fan of the old Kadee sintered iron wheelsets as they are dirt magnets, though someone has reported that they no longer make them.  As for the HGC 2D-F8 trucks, I prefer using them on PRR hoppers, gons, and flat cars as they add extra weight, something I don't have trouble adding to a house car.

Ben Hom

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