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Attached is a partial of P&SR 126 which was grounded near Clear Lake in the early 1960s. This was my father's shot, now in my collection.

The original question about interchange of P&SR cars probably depends on the era. The cars in the original photo ride on arch bars trucks, which means they were illegal for interchange by the early 1940s. When the SP took control of the P&SR they could have allowed P&SR cars with arch bar trucks on their lines (WP allowed arch bars in interchange from TS and SN subsidiaries, and they still had some arch bar cars of their own until the late 1940s).

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On 4/22/19 4:53 PM, David Soderblom wrote:
Back in the 1960s I did a technical drawing of P&SR 48, a boxcar body my brother and I found on a side road in Sonoma County from our detailed measurements.  I’m happy to share, but first I find it as I unpack from moving things around.  Please send me a personal e-mail if you’re interested so I’ll have to.

David Soderblom
Baltimore MD

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