Re: Painting a real wood reefer kit.

Nelson Moyer

If you prefer using an acrylic wood sealer, look for PinePro at shops that sell pinewood derby cars and supplies. I used PinePro on two wood cars with Northeastern Lumber Co. clerestory roof shapes to seal and level the wood grain. Depending on the depth of the grain, it may take a couple of coats with sanding in between. If you’ve ever seen a nicely built pinewood derby car, you will appreciate how hard and smooth the finish on those cars can be.


Nelson Moyer


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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Painting a real wood reefer kit.


Scribbed wood is best first sealed with some kind of "sanding sealer".... I used shellac in the past.  Shoelace is alcohol based.  Then lightly sand or steel wool to smooth, then paint.  If sealed even acrylic will likely work.  You want to be careful not to fill in the scribbed lines with paint. Start with a light grey primer, then the yellow or orange as needed for the car...  Yellow in particular does not cover well, hence the need for the grey primer.


If per chance this is a Tiffany car, (DSP&P or C&S) don't fall into the trap of a white car, they are more likely a light green or yellow...  The white 4 wheel cabooses were not white either... 


Randy Hees

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