this nice shot of the GM&O freight house NKP Boxcar against the freight house

gary laakso

The NKP boxcar is the short car against the freight house, fourth from the top.  These pictures are fun to see as they enlarge so easily.


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock




Hi List Members,


Consider for a moment this nice shot of the GM&O freight house surrounded by steam era freight cars...



I have a question about how this all works regarding delivery of goods to the customer. Freight cars get parked here, they are unloaded into the freight house by fork lift or hand truck or elbow grease, right? Then what? How does the customer get their goods? Presumably they show up with their company truck (or in earlier days, with their horse-drawn cart) But I don't see any good street access to the building. Is it on the side of the building we cannot see? I'm thinking maybe not, since there are probably tracks there.


This is not the first time I've seen freight houses with what appears to be inadequate or non-existent street access. How was this handled? Presumably every inbound carload of items that goes INTO the freight house has to leave as well, and it's not leaving in a freight car, right?




Overall, if you omit the large yard in the background, and included only the three tracks in the foreground with the building, a scene like this is very model-genic, and could serve as the focal point of a very nice switching layout or a fun area of activity within a larger layout.


Claus Schlund



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