Re: Throwback Tuesday: Model Die Casting 40 ft AAR Boxcar, Model Railroader, October 1959

Garth Groff <sarahsan@...>


This was about the tail end for the all-metal cars, although MDC stuck with cast metal underframes for a long, long time. I think MDC was doing plastic shells on some cars as early as 1958.
Some of MDC's earliest plastic cars were actually rebranded Athearn kits, which (IIRC) included the Athearn 50' gondola sold in the Roundhouse/MDC packaging.

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On 4/30/19 9:21 AM, Benjamin Hom wrote:

Model Die Casting 40 ft AAR Boxcar ad, Model Railroader, October 1959.  Note the "Metal's Better" tagline.

Ben Hom

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