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Nelson Moyer

Thanks, George. I like the stop at the end of the jig to square the rungs and stiles, especially for etched rungs. The grab iron legs serve that function when using grab iron rungs.


Nelson Moyer


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In my opinion the .005 brass works OK. Nice thing is that the rungs and stiles all line up and are square. Once the ladder is assembled and mounted it becomes fairly strong and rigid. I use a modified version of your jig as seen on the RCW Blog. I have attached a photo of how I did mine. Kinda of in a hurry this AM when I put this together and did not do a clean shear on the one end. My version of the assembly fixture includes a stop for the flat stile as well as a stop at the top of the fixture that stick up and holds the rung square to the stile. In my sample photos I did not secure with CA , just a mock up for this topic. Also is a photo of a UUM-USA Photo Etch bending tool with a build in bending brake. 
George Toman

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