Re: Manufacturers Railway Mather box


Probably the only Mather boxcar I would ever have use for is the MRS car.  I picked up one of the MRS low height cars, which could just barely fit into my timeframe.  The taller one, I'll have to be watching for but its prototype lasted long enough to truly be appropriate for me.  If Anheuser-Busch shipped byproducts of brewing to Kansas for ag use, I'm there.

I think I have enough Proto Mather stock cars for my needs.  I now need to build some of the others so the Mather cars don't unduly dominate the roster.  Same thing was true of gons -- I built enough of the Proto Bethlehem gons that it's taken me years of Tangent gons, and building F&C and Sunshine gons, that the proportions are now finally getting close to right.

Ron Merrick

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