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Just got their sneak peek.  As you know, I did every version of both the DS and SS USRA cars.  Unfortunately, the are serious mistakes in every one of the Walthers.  Most are easily fixable if they have the time.  I plan to call them tomorrow.


All of the DS cars shown had K rather than AB brakes.  The TH&B car had an Ajax brake wheel.  Although it’s not really clear, it appears that the brace on the door isn’t centered.  And UP never had the cars.  With dozens of roadmanes and lettering styles, why choose that?


Only one of the SS cars shown had a corrugated door, the Pennsy.  And it had AB brakes.  Home free?  Nope – it was upgraded with a Hutchins roof.  All of the cars should have doors the same of the DS and K brakes.  And the sill steps are wrong.


In this day and age, there’s no excuse for these boners.  All they have to do is look at the history sheet and photos in the Westerfield kits.  I only hope that they used actual railroad blueprints, rather than the plans published in Railway age, because there are significant differences between planned and actual.  Tichy and Kadee  got it wrong because they used the published plans.


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From: Bruce Smith
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The new Walthers flyer includes four new steam era freight cars:


40' double sheathed USRA boxcar


40' USRA single sheathed boxcar

- dang, look at those boards! SMH


40' steel USRA rebuilt wood boxcar


40' Early Wood Reefer

This looks like a USRA reefer.


These cars are in the WalthersMainline series and have molded on grab irons. Interestingly the "single sheathed boxcar" appears to not have the classic USRA underframe that the other 3 cars show. These may make some interesting detailing and kit bashing fodder.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL



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