Re: New Walthers USRA based cars

Benjamin Hom

Eric Hansmann wrote:
"That 'single-sheathed boxcar' has very little detail or hardware associated with a USRA Specification 1001-B: 50-ton Single-Sheathed Box Car. It looks more like the 1923 ARA XM-1 car design."

Except (a) I can't think of any cars Pratt truss built to the XM-1 design with 5/5/5 ends and (b) any variants built to 9 ft IH vice the default 8 ft 7 in IH.  If I do my homework, I might be able to turn up a 9 ft IH prototype as a kitbash subject, but for $28 MSRP, I shouldn't have to. 
"How did they spend so much in tooling up these 'models'? I’d be hard pressed to add them to my guide to 1920s era HO scale plastic freight cars." 
The best thing we can do about these models?  Don't sign up for any advanced orders.  I'm sorry that Walthers would lose their tooling investment, but these don't derserve to hit the market.  The DS car is the best of them, but for that market, why pay $28 for a model that's inferior to the better and less expensive Accurail one?  The other two models are questionable at best.  Modelers who are considering those models are better off handing me $28 and I can whip up something better from stuff that I have on hand.  

Ben Hom

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