Re: New Walthers USRA based cars

Marty McGuirk

Before I looked at the photos my immediate thought was the TMI tooling had come back somehow. Then I looked at the pictures. Ugh. 

In addition to the other comments I swear that it looks like the boards on the DS cars are too wide - or am I seeing things? And sorry Ben, the Atlas rebuild is a gem compared with these things(!)* At least it has a somewhat legit looking side sill. 

All that said, I'm actually not surprised at Walthers choice of prototypes, considering the "late steam" era seems to be experiencing a renaissance of late. But knowing full well who has the helm at Walthers product development, I'd be shocked if the decision to make these cars wasn't the result of some sort of customer survey - and I'm not shocked at all the execution of same. 

Hard pass. 

Marty McGuirk

*For the record I did own one Atlas rebuilt box .... for a while. 


On May 1, 2019 at 9:12 AM Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...> wrote:

Al Westerfield wrote:
"All of the DS cars shown had K rather than AB brakes.  The TH&B car had an Ajax brake wheel.  Although it’s not really clear, it appears that the brace on the door isn’t centered.  And UP never had the cars.  With dozens of roadmanes and lettering styles, why choose that?"

The disappointment grows the more you look at these models...

Other issues with the DS boxcar:
- There is no inset at the sidesill.
- The sheathing retaining strap along the sidesill is missing.
- The lower door track represents some roads' cars later in life; however, as built, the cars had six distinct rollers along the side sill.
- The door stops are missing.
- That hand brake is a throwback to the Train-Miniature "TV antennas".  It's more S scale than HO.

Vote with your wallets...don't reserve these models, don't by them, and support manufacturers that do better.

Ben Hom   




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