Re: New Walthers USRA based cars

Benjamin Hom

Marty McGuirk wrote:
"...sorry Ben, the Atlas rebuild is a gem compared with these things(!)* At least it has a somewhat legit looking side sill."

I'd take the Atlas rebuild over these as it's not too hard to turn the 8-panel side model with 5/5/5 Murphy ends into a legit model of the ACL/C&WC or SL-SF cars.  Larry Kline corrected the side sill on the Atlas O version, and it looked good.

"All that said, I'm actually not surprised at Walthers choice of prototypes, considering the "late steam" era seems to be experiencing a renaissance of late. But knowing full well who has the helm at Walthers product development, I'd be shocked if the decision to make these cars wasn't the result of some sort of customer survey - and I'm not shocked at all the execution of same."

Can these people be the same ones also run the Walthers Proto line? 

Ben Hom 

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