Re: Manufacturers Railway Mather box

Rossiter, Mark W <Mark.Rossiter@...>

Ray, I agree with much of what you stated.  Most of the old P2K line can be picked up for a song.  In my opinion, they are no more difficult to assemble than the Gould/Tichy, Red Caboose or Intermountain kits.  One of the reasons for the fire sale pricing on P2K kits may be that they flooded the market with them.  One of the few remaining LHS in our area still has shelves full of P2K six-packs. 

The problem with any of the plastic kits with fine details (RTR or otherwise) is that they do not stand up well to handling.  Many modelers who regularly run their cars seem to gravitate towards the molded on details sooner or later.  I'd love to see highly detailed freight cars on our club layout, but we have too many ham-fisted members who think it's OK to pick up three and four cars at a time.  

Mark Rossiter   

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