Re: New Walthers USRA based cars

bill stanton

fwiw i once asked my local hobby shop owner to query the walther's rep about why they were so indifferent to prototype accuracy, even with easy stuff like car numbers.

the response was that walther's doesn't believe those who would buy their cars care at all about such things.

i have come to just assume walthers is going to be inaccurate and don't give their stuff a second look...(i really don't understand their outlook...just too lazy to do the research or don't think its worth the expense...i'm sure they are losing a lot of business and its a marvel to me that they don't know that!)  just sayin'...

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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] New Walthers USRA based cars
     I note that they don't actually call their single-sheathed car a USRA, which is good because of course it isn't, much more like the ARA design, though pretty poorly rendered. In looking at these, and thinking how far we have (mostly) come in model freight cars, I'm just glad Richard Hendrickson isn't here to see these Walthers things.

Tony Thompson

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