Re: Phillips Petroleum LNG and PPG gas tank cars.

Steve and Barb Hile

Doug's photo of PSPX 13206 could lead to a reasonable kitbash of the Athearn
"Chemical" tank car. Its underframe is nominally like the GATX Type 30. A
new, correctly sized valve casing (not an expansion dome) with Yarmouth or
Tangent GATX sill steps could complement the Philgas trade name from the
Champ decal set. You would have to find the PSPX Initials and number, if
not in the Champ set.

The ACF 13313 from 1943 is too long and too early for the Kadee car. To do
a kitbash would involve, lengthening the Intermountain Type 27 underframe
and finding a suitable tank. The Athearn one might work, but I haven't
measured that one.

Steve Hile

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Unfortunately correct decals for tank cars often don't exist. Champ
HT-66 Philgas is for a GATC tank car.
And of course the lettering is far from correct even for that prototype. :-(

Tim O'

On 5/3/2019 3:24 PM, Lloyd Keyser wrote:
Philgas and SkelgasĀ  were widely seen in the midwest. Several years
ago I sent photos of these cars to Atlas. I received no reply. Champ
decals brought out Philgas HT-66 and I think Skelgas. In stead they
bring out company's I've never heard of. Wouldn't hurt to try again. I
have a photo of Philgas with and without platform. I may have to take
a car strip it , paint it black and decal it.

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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