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Curious question, Wade Phillips any relation to the NFL coach?


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All: I managed the PPCo tank car fleet after the end of this group, but do know some of the history. The first refinery was at Borger, TX the same you Phillips started selling gasoline at retail stations 1927. The first station was in Wichita, KS but the gasoline came from Hamilton Plant, between Bartlesville and Dewey, OK. It was "natural gasoline" separated from raw natural gas, not crude oil. The acquisition of Independent Refining from Waite Phillips, one of the other brothers of Frank and LE Phillips brought refineries in Okmukgee, OK and Kansas City, KS into the fold. Sweeny, TX, and Woods Cross, It came later.

I may be able to answer further questions off line if any one has anything further. Tom Birkett, Bartlesville, OK.





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Phillips 66 had several refineries in Oklahoma, with the big one being in Bartlesville.  Other big ones that still exist are Borger, Texas (Panhandle) and Sweeny, Texas (Gulf Coast).  LPG could also have come from gas plants, of which there were several.  Basically, LPG is a light end from a refinery or a heavy end from a gas plant.

To get to the east, the cars would have primarily come through the St. Louis or Chicago gateways.

I came up with a photo of a PSPX car that matched the brass LP tank that (Overland?) made.  This was an earlier prototype than the Atlas car.  This photo may have been in the Kaminski tank car book.  I lettered mine without the herald.

Ron Merrick


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