Re: Etched freight car ladders

Pierre Oliver

The reason I started creating etched ladders was 2 fold.
One, I was finding it difficult to get all the ladder rung spacings that I desired. A good example is the 12" rung spacing in the upcoming N&W B-3 kit I'll be offering.
Two, I get real tired of plastic ladders splitting down the centre as I desprue them.
And as a bonus, it`s now real easy to create ladders of different widths. The NP '37 AAR boxcar had side ladders 18"wide and end ladders 15"wide

Pierre Oliver
On 5/06/19 9:34 a.m., pennsylvania1954 wrote:

I know I am committing heresy, but I am going to ask anyway: why are etched car ladders "better" than plastic? Square rungs? Folded stiles? Really?

Sorry, I don't see it. DA 6241 and 6242 as well as Kadee's very nice ladders are fabulous. And there are others. Am I missing something?
Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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