Re: Etched freight car ladders

Nelson Moyer

Not necessarily better but different, and YMW etched rungs are so small you can’t tell if they are round or square at normal viewing distance. Another advantage of YMW stiles and rungs is that you have some latitude for making ladders with different rung spacing and rung length, which is especially useful for older car, especially  some reefers with 22 in. rung length.


Nelson Moyer


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I know I am committing heresy, but I am going to ask anyway: why are etched car ladders "better" than plastic? Square rungs? Folded stiles? Really?

Sorry, I don't see it. DA 6241 and 6242 as well as Kadee's very nice ladders are fabulous. And there are others. Am I missing something?
Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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