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This list is very interesting. Note the SP and subsidiaries are the top owners with 3,100 cars, followed by the GN with 2,550, the NP with 2,000, UP with 1,501, CMStP&P with 1,000, and even the little WP with 250. All of these western railroads were heavily involved in lumber shipments, and despite being classed as XA or XF, these cars were often used for high-grade lumber.

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On 5/6/19 1:31 PM, Steve and Barb Hile wrote:
I wonder if the boxcar without the doors isn't a Rock Island car, built by Pullman in 1913 with the heavy side sill.  Like the attached photo.  The photo is too blurry to read the road name.
Steve Hile

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Indeed, that is an Illinois Central 50-foot automobile boxcar. I don’t know why it lacks doors. CB&Q is to the right and a partial UP car finishes the 50-foot cars.

The weathering variations on the cars in this image is also very interesting. 

Just a couple cars to the left of the IC boxcar is a BR&P boxcar. This, and a companion negative with another BR&P boxcar, are two of the only late 1920s images I’ve seen featuring a BR&P car. IIRC, the Van Sweringens owned the BR&P at this time. 

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Hi List Members,
There were not a lot of 50 foot boxcars around in 1929, but there were some.
Here is a nice view of three different ones, all gathered together at the extreme right side of the image, taken in 1929.
Too bad the negative has some damage, and the film resolution is not quite where we can make out the road numbers. I think the rightmost one (partial view only) is Union Pacific, the next one moving left might be CB&Q, but I cannot quite make out the other with the fishbelly underframe, maybe it is Illiniois Central? Thoughts?
Claus Schlund

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