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Basic answer to your question: No.

The prototype photos appear to show crimped seams. I don't know whether all of them did - the
cars came from two builders over a period of two years for both the SP and the T&NO.

The GN box cars appear to have lap seams.

In HO scale, most modelers ignore the difference - it's rather subtle, especially from 2 or more feet away.
I don't know anyone who chooses a carbody based on the style of seams, except perhaps when two
equally good, suitable bodies are available - and that is rare, indeed.

A C&BT body has many other issues. The Intermountain body is the correct height, with the correct door
width, and the correct number and spacing of the panels. And the ends are roof are separate. That's why
Ted (and many kitbashers, including me) use the Intermountain 10-0 bodies. Intermountain also makes a
10 panel 10-0 body with 6 foot doors to model the B-50-27 SP box cars.

Tim O'

On 5/6/2019 2:37 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:
A while back Speedwitch offered a kit for the Southern Pacific B-50-25 12 panel boxcar. Comments at the time as well as in the Speedwitch instructions
indicated that the car was not totally accurate as the car body in the kit was an Intermountain 12 panel boxcar based on a Great Nofrthern prototype.

Years earlier Richard Hendrickson did an article in (I believe) Rail Model Journal on cutting down a taller CB&T 12 panel boxcar in order to do thie B-50-25.
When I look at p;rototype photos the discrepancy seem to be in the panel seems. Would cutting down a CB&T car and combining it with the Speedwitch parts
result in a more accurate model?

Thanks in advance for any help:

Bill Pardie
*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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