Re: There were not a lot of 50 foot boxcars around in 1929

Rupert Gamlen


You can add CB&Q class XA-10 cars to your list. 46000-46481 were rebuilt at the company’s Aurora shops in 1926 from XA-5’s numbered 45000-45499 which had originally been built in 1913 by Haskell & Barker.

The dimensions and appearance of the two classes was very similar but, judging by the pairs of door stops, I think the car in the photo is an XA-10.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ


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Hello, again...


Curiosity led me to see what my database could produce for "50" ft cars built before the end of 1929. I searched: New-built series; Inside length between 45-0 and 50-9; and in service 1928 or built new 1929. the data come from equipment diagrams, the ORER, the ICC valuations, and various government, railroad, model, and historical publications. 


The resulting output, 18,841 cars in 63 Series sorted by build date is attached. The build dates in the form 1-19xx are place holders. The year is documented but not the month. the data are reduced from the complete data set available for each series.


There are some interesting series! One complete with the rara avis VanDorn ends. The ascendancy of steel underframes, vertical brake wheels,steel ends trucks  can be picked out.




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