Improving a F&C Roof to make it look like a Hutchins roof

Bill Welch

Here is my attempt to model a Hutchins roof using the very basic roof F&C provides w/its sweet little D&H boxcar. I began by blackening the ends of the roof ribs to create contrast when I carve into the w/a Single Edge Razor Blade to try to create the "V" shape crimp. Using a Vernier I determined the ribs are not exactly the same distance apart—in fact there were three different spacings, all very close. Determining the middle of the sections is a major pain for this reason and you are on your own here. Once I was happy with each I drew a line to mark the center and using Testers laid down .010 styrene rod. Use enough to more or less melt it in place. Let it dry over night. Next day I made marks where the rod should be cut on each end and then laid down fillets of CA along each edge to both secure the rod in place and make the rod look more like a stamping. I let the rest for a day and then sanded with #600 SP after beveling each end as if it if blends into the roof panel. The I marked where the  Grandt Line Nut/Washer should go and drilled the holes. I think there are their #1 or #101. These were secured with CA inside the body but held in place with Testers.

The roof saddles were very Wimpy and needed be built-up with strip styrene. The white resin is very hard to photograph but hopefully photos are good enough. The roof is not machine perfect but is a lot closer to the real thing with these changes I think. Same thing ca be done with 40-foot car as on the F&C PRR X26 I am working presently.

Bill Welch

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