Re: ex-ATSF Class Fe-13 Auto Boxcars on the StJ&LC (was There were not a lot of 50 foot boxcars around in 1929)

Eric Lombard

Hello Don and Ben,

The SJL cars have a meandering history starting for some in 1909. It was fun to pull this together.

SJL 3000-3063  4 deep fishbelly sills in underframe. 
  • 1909, 1910, 1912 -- 1500 cars. as ATSF Fe-K, Fe-M wood-sheathed.
  • 1936-1937 -- 1309 cars rebuilt to steel sheathing, ends, roof, into several classes, mismatched ends, and some with auto end doors.
  • 1955 -- 200 (approx: 130 Fe-13; 24 Fe-08; 22 Fe-09; 24 Fe-11) renumbered to DT&I 16000-16199. 
  • 1956 -- 64, DT&I 16200-16263, keeping same serials, rebuilt by DT&I to IH 10-3 and unusual side door pattern. Equipment diagram indicates in Note 2: "car sides are not symmetrical - in  that doors on left side are closer to car CL by 3'-0 1/2". The diagram clearly shows the asymmetry. The effect is to shift the door opening one side sheet to the  right on the left side of the car resulting in a different side sheet pattern on the right and left sides:
right | : : : [ | ] : : : : : : |A-end,  
left   | : : : : [ | ] : : : : : |A-end  
  • ~1960-1961 all 64 to  SJL 3000-3063.

1960(10)   Not listed in ORER.
1959-1962 the underframes turn 50 years old.
196x  64  RENO from DT&I 16200-16263
1961(7)  64  listed in ORER.
1962(1)  64
1969-1972  Underframes turn 60 years old.  
1969(4)  40  (9 cars with hatches in roof, mechanical class LC)
1970(1)  31  (9 cars with hatches in roof, mechanical class LC)
1972(1)    8  (1 car with hatches in roof, mechanical class LC)

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 8:49 AM Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...> wrote:
Don Valentine asked:
"Speaking of early 50 ft. cars I'll bring this type up at least one of which ended up here in Vermont on our little St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County RR. This was a 50 ft., single sheathed ex-Santa Fe car that had the heaviest cast underframe I can ever recall seeing. It is that underframe that makes it stick in my mind because there were hollowed out places within it to account for the pivot of the trucks on sharp curves. I have no idea when it was constructed or by whom and, unfortunately, never got a photo of the one that sat just east of the Eastern States Farmers Exchange building for some years in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Does anyone know more about it from this meager description?"

Not single-sheathed cars, but ATSF Class Fe-13 rebuilt double-sheathed automobile boxcars.  I'm away from my references and won't be able to follow up until tonight, but another list member might be able to pull info from their copy of Santa Fe Furniture & Automobile Boxcars before then.

Ben Hom

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