New England Prototype Meet (Casual) Op Session

Randy Hammill

So we're less than a month from the New England Prototype meet. As I often do, I'm opening my layout on Thursday, May 30 for a casual ops session.

I'm in the midst of some changes on the layout, but my buddy Joseph and I tested it for a quick op session and it worked well. 

The session will be at 6:00 pm, although folks can come by anytime starting at 1:00 pm. I can accommodate 6 operators:
New Britain switcher: conductor and engineer
Stanley Works switcher: conductor and engineer
Through trains: engineer
Freight Agent: handles the paperwork and prepares switch lists for the crews

If there's enough response, I can add a second session in the afternoon.

This will be a casual session, focused on 1949 when traffic was lower, making it easier to operate. The Berlin Line and second New Britain Switcher will not be in service for this session. 

I live about 20-30 minutes from the new site this year, and if you've been coming since it was in Collinsville, I'm easy to find since I'm only a half-mile from the original site. Contact me at nhrr [at] if you're interested in coming by. If you've never been here, there's plenty of info on my blog ( and site ( 

This may very well be the first session with all NH power (prior sessions used O&W power leased from Bill Schneider). 


Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954  | https//

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