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Some Seaboard express cars looked like the attached photo. Does anybody make a Wine ventilator casting like this? Looks like a good candidate for a computer-generated part.

According to John Golden's article in the May 2009 SEABOARD COAST LINE MODELER these are former class B-6, a slightly modified 1932 AAR design with plate ends and a 31' 2" truck spacing. 55 cars were rebuilt as express cars 700-754 in 1943 with Wine ventilators and Allied Full Cushion trucks. The trucks were replaced with Buckeye trucks circa 1951. Seaboard added 755-769 to the express series in the 1960s, but they lacked the Wine ventilators.

I found this car in rural southern Virginia in 1982 or 1983.

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On 5/7/19 9:26 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

Depending on the year(s) you model, the Walthers P2K 12 panel 50 foot boxcar is a dead ringer for CB&Q XM-33 express boxcars. I bought four lettered for SP, stripped and repainted them Pullman green, decaled them with gold lettering, replaced the flimsy plastic sill steps with YMW etched sill steps, and installed Athearn Allied trucks to make four XM-33 express boxcars.


As for the X29s, I have pre-ordered six Red Caboose undecorated kits, some of which will be painted and lettered for freight service and some for express service. I know about the NYC, PRR, and C&O cars in Q trains, but I didn’t know about SAL.


Nelson Moyer


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