Re: ex-ATSF Class Fe-13 Auto Boxcars on the StJ&LC (was There were not a lot of 50 foot boxcars around in 1929)

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Thanks Scott. It's hard to believe they are calling the Fe's "Furniture Cars". with an underframe like the one I remember
here had I'll bet you could carry a pair of Abrams tanks on them if you could fit them through the doors! It will be good to
see such kits available, especially on a regular basis as opposed to only one short run, which is my one gripe with most
of the resin casters. But this leads to another question. What became of all the masters for the Sunshine Models? some
were made by others for Marty as was the Santa Fe R-11 reefer that Frank Hodina did the masters for, the nicest resin kit,
and best thought out, I have ever assembled. Did those who made such masters get them back, is Patricia sitting on a
lot of usable masters or what happened to them? It is a shame that someone cannot acquire them and offer the Sunshine
Kits again.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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