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Allen Montgomery

Oh no. We're still gonna party like its 1869.

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You’ve left for home already?  :)

We also caught it four times today - Evanston, the top of Echo Canyon, bottom of Echo Canyon, Echo and Uinta. Nice. 

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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Welcome to the Wasatch. The dandelions are blooming, aspens leafing out in the warmer hollows, cranes and ducks are feeding off the plowed fields and the snow is coming down. At 8:20 a.m. we first caught the excursion train at the top of the grade. It was 34 degrees with a driving sleet when 4014 crested the grade at Wasatch. The steam and smoke blended immediately into the grey and white sky. It went by and we were off. Thus began the great leap frog race down to Ogden. This should have been an Olympic event in park city in 2002. We caught it four times and each time the crowd grew to more ridiculous proportions. Of course, this was my first time doing something like this, so to me it was unreal. Thank goodness I know the area and was able to get us to downtown Ogden without having to deal with the 25 mph traffic surge that clogged the freeway. I innocently wanted to show Lenny and Nick riverdale yard on the way in, and to our surprise, the was 4014 sitting right next to the road. So that could be considered the 5th time we caught it. 
So, we made it. After hanging out with everyone from Dave Houston, William Kratvilles daughter, retired engineers from several railroads and Trains Magazine on a lonely windswept hillside east of Evanston on Monday, to freezing rain and sunny hillsides greener than Ireland at the mouth of Weber Canyon we have witnessed a 4000 in action on the Wasatch grade for the first time since they were all sent over to Cheyenne to rule Sherman Hill. And that was years before we last saw them in 1959. VERY cool stuff. 
P. S. Sorry for punctuation and spelling or capitalization. I'm not used to emailing from my phone at 10000 feet. 

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