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Beautyful car, no doubt!
But do you have installed plastic wheels? The flanges do look much larger than regular RP25s.
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Because I keep breaking things, I end up doing more detailing on a ready-to-run car than I otherwise might, and the Tangent 3-dome tank is a perfect example.

It's a beautiful model right out of the box but, no sooner had I begun the weathering process than I broke one of the fragile corner sill steps.  Santa Fe modeler friend Peter Aue offered to make a new set of etched brass replacements and, after breaking two more of the sill steps, they came in handy.  (These are now available as Yarmouth Model Words part YMW-220). One improved detail often leads to another, and I soon found myself carving away major parts of the brake detail and replacing it with brass wire, clevises (Tichy #8021) and brake chain (A-Line #29219).  Original hoses were replace with Hi-Tech details 22" hoses, with new brackets fashioned from brass strap stock.

Still need to paint the new parts, install semi-scale wheel sets, apply warning placards, and reattach part of the valve I knocked off on the far left dome.  Weathering to follow.

What began as a simple weathering job became—owing to my clumsiness—so much more.


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