Re: Sunshine PDS (was ex-ATSF Class Fe-13 Auto Boxcars on the StJ&LC)

Jim Hayes

After I retired a couple of times, my daughter suggested I create a website as something to do. She suggested Sunshine Models. I received a reluctant OK from Martin and that's where the website started. After Martin died and it was evident that there would be no more kits, I in effect froze the site, stated that fact on the home page, and called it a day. As time passed by, my HTML skills have faded and I'm not sure I have the energy to make a major addition to the website. As I said previously, I'm hoping to pass the whole thing to Eric. I'll let Eric and Frank decide on changes to the Sunshine Kits website.

P.S. I never believed that Martin didn't have email. I know he communicated regularly with his son in California and it wasn't via US mail. He had the skills to send me an occasional CD. I think he kept his email address secret to reduce the load of queries he would have gotten otherwise.


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