New topic - PRR List Of Tracings book

Bill Lane <billlane@...>

Hi All,

I have just received 2 books that I consider to be a MAJOR addition to my
collection. The first is a collection of PRR lists of tracings for MANY
freight cars. It is 1 1/2" thick. Additionally, it is somewhat the evolution
of the car, because it lists by year, the later drawings produced. This just
knocked me out when I saw it.

The second book is a collection of the lists of tracings for many (maybe
all) freight car trucks. These are all instrumental in getting copies of
drawings from the PA State archives that may not be in the database.

Finally, I have a question. Both of these books were assembled by the PRR
for use in a shop. One has "E W Fox" on the opening page. They have survived
very well because of a heavy canvas cover on both, which incidentally are
pretty crusty. They are also bolted together with 1/4-20 screws. The car
book has 2 bolts at the top, making it a flip over book. I am thinking about
putting them in a loose leaf book to make each page more accessible, but
that that would compromise that originality of what I think it are major
surviving PRR artifacts. I am looking for a little consensus on what to do.
I would have to punch holes in the side of both books for the loose leaf.


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