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Jack Mullen

Todd, I count 9 bumps in each half, plus an extra wrinkle at the bottom where the end sheet meets the sill.  That wound be a 5/5 Dreadnaught, with 5 major ribs and 4 darts between, in each half. Compare to the 4/5 end on the car to the right, which would show 7 bumps in the upper panel.

Clark, C&NW got a few small lots of 50'6, 10'5" IH boxcars with single 6' doors around 1940. Most of my stuff is still boxed up, so please forgive the fuzziness of working from memory. IIRC, the first lot had 4/5 square corner Dreadnaught ends, Viking roofs, and straight side sills, with a rather small reinforcement near the center. (The car to the right just might be one of these - note the wide flat space at the top of the end which is characteristic of a 4/5 end on a car thats more than 10' IH).

Later cars were similar but with 5/5 ends. I think that's the basis of the car we see here, which was modified with a 9' (I think) door and deeper and longer sill reinforcement. So I'd go with 5/5 Dreadnaught and Viking. You could check an ORER to verify the door opening, but it looks to me like the proportion of the door extension is consistent with 9'.

By the way, the photo is a bit too fuzzy to read the small lettering, but I think the yellow panel left of the door reads WHEN EMPTY RETURN TO AGENT CNWRY MASON CITY IA. Cement would be consistent with the rather extreme weathering.

Jack Mullen


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