Re: Perishable Waybills: Always Pink?

John Barry

The Railway Accounting Rules that Guy referenced were updated and reissued as needed, usually annually in the period of our list. It is divided into mandatory and recommendatory accounting rules.  Mandatory forms follow the mandatory rules end recommended forms are found after the recommended rules.  These forms in the rules have the page layout information on them that shows how wide each field is and how tall.

You can trace how the waybill form has evolved by looking at the form pages. Free instance when the single stop this car line became a 3 line field.  And when they added the c o d Block.  Both of which happened after my 1944 era. 

I wrote a post about the evolution of the code numbers on my blog at

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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Perishable Waybills: Always Pink?
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019, 8:45 PM

Bob Chaparro

“One source I
reviewed said perishable waybills were pink per the
Was this a requirement or a
The pink Perishable Waybill
was a recommendation.

“Did this practice
pre-date the AAR?”

The use of pink was approved by the
Railway Accounting Officers Association In 1921 and the
purpose is covered within:

formerly the American Railway Accounting Officers changed
their name in September of 1917 (by request of The American
Railway Association).  The Association would later be
absorbed into The Association of American Railroads in
October of 1934.  After that time all forms became AAR
“Standard” or “Recommended”.
Guy WilberReno, Nevada

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