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Or ever better, see attached.

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One time I've always wondered about is why a 50' car with only a 6' door?
CW Propst

I don't know for sure, but I would imagine merchandise. It seems around 1940 there were a whole bunch of roads ordering 50 ton 50 foot cars with 6' doors, in my neck of the woods C&NW, MILW, and Soo Line all had small groups that were not repeated. They would be ideal for LCL service, and could easily be converted to express boxes should the need arise. The coming of WWII seemed to change whatever the thinking was, and the orders were not repeated after the war. The Soo also rebuilt their cars with eight foot doors; the door opening was only expanded to the right, IIRC, leaving the new doors slightly off center.

Dennis Storzek

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