Re: Unloading Airplane Engines

Spen Kellogg <spninetynine@...>

On 5/20/2019 4:01 PM, John Barry wrote:
Ding, ding , ding Spend is a winner! The photo location is inside AF plant 4 located adjacent to Fort Worth Army Airfield, later Carswell AFB, and now Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. The government owned, contractor operated plant was constructed by the Defence Plant Corporation in 1941 and operated by Consolidated Aircraft and it's successors. The main production building is over a mile long. I didn't get to see it ful of B-24s, but I did see it in the 80's with the F-16. A very impressive sight And although the Brewster Buckaneer cowl is similar, their plants were in NY and PA.

Thank you, John, but there at least three who posted B-24 before me.

Spen Kellogg

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