Offset Side Hoppers

pennsynut1 <PennsyNut@...>

Hi. As a newby, let me intro: Obviously a Pennsy Fan. However, I
model HO, 1935 to 1950ish (to include early diesels) and have an easy
question (which means a long answer?). I have many offset side 2 bay
Athearn hoppers which I know are accurate (relatively speaking -
using the 3 foot rule - what I can't see 3 ft away don't matter) for
the LNE. I have the LNE roster and a pic of that car. But, what other
rr's is that car accurate for? Any western roads? For those of you
who question why I ask this - the PRR did not have any 2 bay offset
side hopper cars. Morgan Bilbo

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